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We offer a superior, safer and streak free pole based window cleaning service. As well as an unbelievable drive cleaning service, making your home shine!

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Ensuring your commercial premises look good is essential for maintaining a professional business image. Regular external cleaning is a must!

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Pure Water Window Cleaning

Clean windows make a big difference to both the external appearance and the view out of your home. But it's a chore nobody likes doing, and without the right equipment it can be both difficult and dangerous to get good results.

Hythe Window Cleaning are an established firm with an excellent and well-earned reputation for cleaning windows in Hythe, Kent and the surrounding area.

We offer pure water pole based window cleaning, as it offers a superior streak free clean. It's also a lot safer for both us and your property, we stay at groound level and there's no heavy ladders that can damage your property.

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Driveway Cleaning

Your driveway has a big part to play in the appearance of your property, including its perceived value. It also takes a lot of wear and tear, and can easily become stained or discoloured from tyres and oil.

Driveway paving is porous, allowing moss, weeds and algae to quickly grow on the surface or between the joints of the paving blocks, hiding the attractive natural appearance of the paving, and weakening the stability of the paving blocks.

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Keeping your gutters clean is essential preventative maintenance for your property.

Debris building up in the gutters prevents the free flow of rainwater, encouraging moss growth to further to cause further blockage.

Blocked gutters can cause rainwater to overflow on to the brickwork. Externally this can cause unsightly water staining of the brickwork, but more seriously can result in damage to the brickwork, internal leaks and damp problems.

The build-up of debris and moss, along with trapped rainwater, creates added weight on the guttering, putting stress on the guttering and fittings, potentially causing the guttering to break from the house.

If your commercial property suffers water damage due to a lack of maintenance on its gutters your insurance company may hold you at fault leaving you unable to recoup any loss.

Commercial gutter cleaning involves working at height. For that reason it must be undertaken professionally and safely. Prior to any gutter cleaning taking place, we will supply you with a full set of Risk Assessments & Method Statements.

For guttering which has not been cleaned for a long period of time, using powered access to the gutter line is necessary in order to clear all debris effectively.

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We use a professional PVC cleaning solution – an effective cleaning product specifically designed for removing dirt and grime from uPVC. Like the cleaning solutions we use for windows, the PVC cleaner is biodegradable and environmentally friendly, so will do no harm to your garden or the environment as a whole. This is applied to the PVC and given time to break down the dirt build up. Then the area is cleaned with purified, deionised water and a specialised cleaning brush.

We use the gentle water-fed pole method of cleaning your fascia, soffit, barge board and gutters. It does no harm to your PVC, is not destructive and does not spray a lot of water into your roof space area like other methods can.

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The front of your retail outlet or office says a lot about your business and it’s fair to say that a dirty and unkempt exterior does not give customers and visitors a good impression.

Commercial cladding cleaning can really lift the exterior of a building and help it look brand new again. Our cladding cleaners provide services ranging from a one off deep clean to a routine contract clean to make sure that your building doesn’t let you down and stays looking clean and inviting.

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Jet Washing

Jet washing cleans most* patios, terraces, stone or brick driveways, stone-work and walls, metal-work and colour-coated sheets, quickly and effectively removing moss, grime and dirt under a high power pressure wash.

It's an alternative way of cleaning without the use of chemicals. Just like having your conservatory or gutters cleaned, it gives a whole new look to your property.

*Some surfaces are not possible to clean with a jet-wash, such as gravel or tarmac.

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